Terms and Conditions

Water Boyz: Terms and Conditions.

  • Please cash or checks only. We do not accept credit cards.
  • Driveways over 65 feet, attached porch, patio, concrete slabs, including fences, sheds or decks are quoted as additional work upon arrival at the home site.
  • It is impossible to achieve quality results if the temperature is below 45 degrees or it is too windy. Cleaning agents are less effective. This may result in a request to reschedule.
  • During the process gutters are cleaned on the outside only. We are very effective but there may some remaining spots or even some paint (finish ) coming off due to length of time since cleaning or quality of gutters.
  • Windows are cleaned during the washing. Solution is applied and rinsed off. They are not done by hand. If the screens have been previously removed it is the customers responsibility to clean them and replace.
  • We clean as thoroughly as we can but it is the customers responsibility to remove furniture, potted plants, etc which may be in the way and replace the items themselves after we leave.
  • The cleaning agents we use are mild but effective. Customers are encouraged to cover or move any plants, or items which they are concerned with (exotic plants, delicate or fragile decor).
  • Please place your initials in the box to indicate that you have read and accepted these conditions.